The Chores Song

23 Jan

In this 40-second song you’ll hear a list of chores. Most of these are fairly strong collocations (words that go together). For example, what word is likely to go with “sweep”? Right, “the floor.” That’s not the only possible combination, … Read More »

St. Valentine’s Day: The History / Mystery of Valentine’s Day

23 Jan

There’s a lot of mystery around the history of Valentine’s Day.  In this audio, generously read by novelist Kristin Elizabeth Clark (Chunk, Jess, and the Road to Infinity, Freak Boy, Leaving The Bellweathers), we learn some strange, funny Valentine stuff.  … Read More »

Airport Evacuation Announcement

12 Jan

In an airport in Cambodia, I heard an alarm come on and the following emergency announcement. Normally, you should listen to the announcement and follow instructions – not record it for future use as an English language learning activity. But … Read More »