The Antioxidant Song

31 Mar

“The Antioxidant Song” (0:30) lists the top 10 foods that contain the most antioxidants – cancer-fighting properties – according to a recent study in Oslo, Norway. These top ten are not listed in any particular order. This song features the … Read More »

This Is Just To Say

30 Mar

Here’s a short little poem by William Carlos Williams that I set to music. It’s sung by Christy McWilson. Play it and ask students to write down what they hear. They should get the whole poem down in a few listenings. … Read More »

How Long Is International Women’s Day In Russia?

8 Mar

Listen for the 15 missing vocabulary items in this text. They are all short, but even so, you may need to listen several times to be able to write them all. Yeah, (1) ________ a little story about my first … Read More »