Airport Evacuation Announcement

12 Jan

In an airport in Cambodia, I heard an alarm come on and the following emergency announcement. Normally, you should listen to the announcement and follow instructions – not record it for future use as an English language learning activity. But nobody seemed to be reacting to what they were saying!

However, this is AUTHENTIC language. Yes, it is English spoken by a Cambodian, but it is the kind of English that English learners are very likely to encounter in their lives, for example in an airport in a foreign country.

It is English being used as the common language and with extraneous sounds in the background. Just like if you were at this airport. And that is why this is a good listening activity.

Listen carefully and supply the missing words. The message repeats two times.

Ladies and (1) ___________, this is a (2) ___________ announcement. We are (3) ___________ to (4) ___________ the (5) ___________ now. Please remain (6) ___________ and (7) ___________ the airport staff (8) ___________ . Thank (9) ___________ .

Key: (1) gentleman, (2) safety, (3) going, (4) evacuate, (5) terminal, (6) calm, (7) follow, (8) instructions, (9) you