The Would Rather Song

1 Nov

What we’ve got here is a lesson on using the would rather construction.  The emphasis is on allowing students to learn the form through structured exploration. Well, you’ll see. Read or print the lesson plan if you like, available here … Read More »

Extremely True Facts About Cats

25 Oct

    Cat drawings by Carol Bierach A cat is softer than a rock. Well, it’s true. In this song, you’ll find lots of comparisons. If you want, you can choose from the list of adjectives below. But it’s better … Read More »

Now I Will Do Nothing But Listen

25 Oct

I think we should do more listening tasks in class. In foreign language classes I’ve attended it was very rare to hear a dialogue, a song, a poem, a bit of newscast, or sound effects. Sound is so important, and … Read More »

Halloween: Paul the Monster Crashes a Party

25 Oct

Here’s a Halloweenish story/poem with accompanying audio. crash a party = to attend a party without invitation, or sneak into a party Poor Paul the Monster! Depression at last had set in From living alone the woods with not a … Read More »

Who’s Got What? Objects

17 Aug

You know that game where somebody has three cups and they put a little ball under one and then move them around, and your job is to keep you eye on the one with the ball, and say where it … Read More »

Phrasal Verbs In The Beatles, An Audio Crossword

28 Jun

Click to enlarge. That’s right. This crossword has audio clues. There is one mp3 file for “Across” clues, and one for “Down” clues. Your task, when listening to the very short clips from Beatles tunes, is to isolate and identify … Read More »

It’s Raining

26 Jun

This is an old nursery rhyme. It’s got great verbs. Write the infinitives and a gap-fill on the board, like this: bump, couldn’t, jump, pour, rain, snore, wake up. It’s ________ It’s ________ The old man is ________. He ________ … Read More »

Suzy The Monkey, by Alina Budko and Ksyusha Grebennikova

16 Jun

Suzy the Monkey words and music by Alina Budko (age 11) and Ksyusha Gebennikova (age 11) Minsk, Belarus In my flat there lived Suzy She liked to eat bananas under the bed She dreamed of friends But she can’t find

The Monkey, by Artiom Tereshchenko and Nikita Agaryshev

16 Jun

  The Monkey words and music by Artiom Tereshchenko (age 11) and Nikita Agaryshev (age 11) Minsk, Belarus There lived a monkey She lived in the jungle She liked to eat bananas And ride on the elephant She dreamed of … Read More »

The Spider

22 Feb

In a cave there lived a spider He liked to drink warm apple cider He liked to think about his life He wondered if he’d ever have a wife Lonely spider.