The Croc

22 Feb

This song is just 20 seconds long. Step 1 Play the song once and ask students to write down anything at all they hear. Step 2 Give students time to consult each other. Step 3 Provide a model on the … Read More »

Marie, An American Who Fell In Love With Russia

24 Dec

Buryat woman and baby

The 10 Biggest Countries

24 Dec

That’s right. This 15-second song lists the largest countries of the world. It’s a good dictation for groups of all levels. Play the song and students write. You might not tell them the title, only afterwards asking them what the … Read More »

The Cockroach, by Kolya Artyushevski

11 Nov

The Cockroach words and music by Nick Artyushevski (age 11) Minsk, Belarus In the kitchen There lived a cockroach He liked to eat Inside the fridge He dreamed of eating All the fridge food But the door is closed

Lovely Lively Mouse, by Nastya Zhdanovich and Ksyusha Stankevich

10 Nov

  Lovely Lively Mouse words and music by Nastya Zhdanovich (age 13) and Ksyusha Stankevich (age 12) Minsk, Belarus In a cage There lived a mouse He liked to swim a lot of times He liked to run away from a … Read More »

25 Years from This Sunday

3 Nov

Music: Ed Kliman – Lyrics: Kevin Sung by Christy McWilson and Kevin Below you’ll find a worksheet for a class activity (two PDF versions, one in US letter size, one in A4). The activity concentrates on useful concrete verbs, and … Read More »

The Grasshopper Story

4 Aug

A new little story, from July 1st, 2007, in Kyrgyzstan. Step 1 Read the sentences and try to reconstruct the text by putting its parts in order. (A) And I said, “Oh? Is he alive?” And she said, “Yes, alive.” … Read More »

Student Songs from Tajikistan

2 Aug

      On July 4th, 2007, in Dushanbe, I met with a group of young English learners and we spent two hours together. First we did a listening activity based on a a short song that I wrote the night … Read More »

Camp Love, by Anvar Khamraev, Umed Nuriev and Sherioz Makhmidov

2 Aug

Camp Love words and music by Anvar Khamraev, Umed Nuriev and Sherioz Makhmidov Dushanbe, Tajikistan In a camp I met a girl I fall in love She makes me blind I lost my mind By the time she loved me … Read More »