Airport Evacuation Announcement

12 Jan

In an airport in Cambodia, I heard an alarm come on and the following emergency announcement. Normally, you should listen to the announcement and follow instructions – not record it for future use as an English language learning activity. But … Read More »

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

10 Dec

Here’s an old song from a hundred years ago. It’s really short, so you can just play it a couple of times and ask students to listen close and write down the words. Oh where, oh where has my little … Read More »

Stop All The Clocks

8 Dec

W.H. Auden wrote a fabulous poem about losing someone who means the world to you. This poem has good verbs, so it’s good material for a listening activity. Most of the verbs I removed from the poem in the gap-fill … Read More »

The Facial Movement Song

8 Dec

This is a good introduction to Movement Songs – before, for instance, taking on the dancing of “Buffalo Gals.” Sometimes students are reluctant to stand up away from their desks, and sometimes there’s simply no room. But this 42-second song has actions … Read More »

Three Blind Mice

8 Dec

This is an old old song, based apparently on Mary Queen of Scots, or Bloody Mary (in the picture above, she has the carving knife). I recorded a sweeter version – no carving knife. In the photo to the right … Read More »

The Sound Of Blank Blanking

5 Dec

Here’s another sort of sound dictation, but this one promotes understanding of word partners (or collocations). Tell students to number from 1-10 on a piece of paper. Play the audio. It’s the students’ job to identify the source of the … Read More »

Sound Effect Dictation, Mellotron Style

5 Dec

You’ll hear ten different sounds in the audio, all from my favorite instrument, the Mellotron. Tell students to write numbers from one to ten. They will describe as much as they can about each sound. Naturally, lower level groups will … Read More »

People Sounds

5 Dec

Even advanced learners of English might not know the 10 verbs in People Sounds that describe sounds human beings make. But listening to this is a great way to learn them. Tell students that they can write the word down … Read More »

American Views Of Chinese Immigrants

5 Dec

Here is a text about Chinese in America. I think my father Mac McCaughey does a fine job as the voice of Mark Twain. The Chinese have been in America a long time. They came in the 1850s during the … Read More »

All About Nerds

5 Dec

Step 1 First take this true/false test to see if you have an understanding of nerds. Guess if you are not sure.  Discuss. ______ 1.  Nerds like books or computers, possibly both. ______ 2.  Nerds bump into things and are … Read More »