Sound Effect Dictation, Mellotron Style

5 Dec

You’ll hear ten different sounds in the audio, all from my favorite instrument, the Mellotron. Tell students to write numbers from one to ten. They will describe as much as they can about each sound. Naturally, lower level groups will … Read More »

People Sounds

5 Dec

Even advanced learners of English might not know the 10 verbs in People Sounds that describe sounds human beings make. But listening to this is a great way to learn them. Tell students that they can write the word down … Read More »

Eavesdropping at a Party

1 Dec

Let’s eavesdrop on a party. You’ll have to dig out phrases from the background noise. Write them down as you listen (best done in pairs so that learners can help each other). Some phrases are loud and clear and some … Read More »

Sounds Of Celebration

14 Nov

You’re going to hear the sounds of Victory Day celebration in Vladivostok (May 9, 2004). Above the background sounds you will hear three native English speakers reciting a list of 15 words that have to do with this day. They … Read More »