25 Years from This Sunday

3 Nov

Music: Ed Kliman – www.texasmusicforge.com Lyrics: Kevin Sung by Christy McWilson and Kevin Below you’ll find a worksheet for a class activity (two PDF versions, one in US letter size, one in A4). The activity concentrates on useful concrete verbs, and … Read More »

Camp Love, by Anvar Khamraev, Umed Nuriev and Sherioz Makhmidov

2 Aug

Camp Love words and music by Anvar Khamraev, Umed Nuriev and Sherioz Makhmidov Dushanbe, Tajikistan In a camp I met a girl I fall in love She makes me blind I lost my mind By the time she loved me … Read More »

The Crazy Cow, by Dilya Umarova, Yasmina Inomova and Manizha Batirova

2 Aug

The Crazy Cow words and music by Dilya Umarova, Yasmina Inomova and Manizha Batirova Dushanbe, Tajikistan Between the rocks The crazy cow She is alone She wants to eat And broke her horn And starts to cry She runs away … Read More »

The Red Wheelbarrow

27 Jul

Here is another really short poem by William Carlos Williams, which I have set to music. In this 40-second song, the entire poem is repeated twice. Step 1 Play the song and ask students to write down all the words. … Read More »

The 32-Adjective Song

20 Jun

Yep, this song lists 32 adjectives to describe personality or behavior types. Give it a listen and see if students can write down all the adjectives. Stop the song after each verse for lower levels. Repeat as necessary. Key: foolish, … Read More »

The Excuse Song (Modal Verbs)

13 Apr

When people have to refuse to do something that you want them to do, they often make excuses; and for that they often use a modal or an auxiliary verb. Just think of the nuances of English you get with “I … Read More »

The Possibility Song (Modal Verbs)

13 Apr

Here is a brief little song – only one sentence – featuring the words of the American poet John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892). Step 1 Play the song and ask learners to write down the 17 words that make up the … Read More »

The Antioxidant Song

31 Mar

“The Antioxidant Song” (0:30) lists the top 10 foods that contain the most antioxidants – cancer-fighting properties – according to a recent study in Oslo, Norway. These top ten are not listed in any particular order. This song features the … Read More »

This Is Just To Say

30 Mar

Here’s a short little poem by William Carlos Williams that I set to music. It’s sung by Christy McWilson. Play it and ask students to write down what they hear. They should get the whole poem down in a few listenings. … Read More »

If I Can Stop…

25 Feb

Here’s a short poem by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) which I’ve rendered into song: a ready-to-use listening, vocabulary, and literature lesson. No materials necessary except for the audio. Step 1. Talk and write (before you listen) Look at the following 9 … Read More »