Personality Adjective List Song

18 Feb

Here’s what you do with this song. You’ll hear a list of 16 adjectives that describe a person’s personality or behavior. The activity is a kind of race. Play the whole song all the way through (1:14), and let students, … Read More »

St. Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day Pie

6 Feb

Here’s a mini C-test you can write on the board. It’s the words to a song called “Valentine’s Day Pie.” In a C-test the second half of every other word is missing. If the word has an odd number of … Read More »

The Chores Song

23 Jan

In this 40-second song you’ll hear a list of chores. Most of these are fairly strong collocations (words that go together). For example, what word is likely to go with “sweep”? Right, “the floor.” That’s not the only possible combination, … Read More »

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

10 Dec

Here’s an old song from a hundred years ago. It’s really short, so you can just play it a couple of times and ask students to listen close and write down the words. Oh where, oh where has my little … Read More »

Stop All The Clocks

8 Dec

W.H. Auden wrote a fabulous poem about losing someone who means the world to you. This poem has good verbs, so it’s good material for a listening activity. Most of the verbs I removed from the poem in the gap-fill … Read More »

The Facial Movement Song

8 Dec

This is a good introduction to Movement Songs – before, for instance, taking on the dancing of “Buffalo Gals.” Sometimes students are reluctant to stand up away from their desks, and sometimes there’s simply no room. But this 42-second song has actions … Read More »

Three Blind Mice

8 Dec

This is an old old song, based apparently on Mary Queen of Scots, or Bloody Mary (in the picture above, she has the carving knife). I recorded a sweeter version – no carving knife. In the photo to the right … Read More »

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

5 Dec

This is a Christmas song from the early 19th century. Thus, its English is not particularly useful to today’s students. You can see the old form for plural “you” (ye) which isn’t too handy nowadays, for instance. God Rest Ye, … Read More »

The Buffalo Gals Song

4 Dec

“Gal” is another word for “girl”. “Buffalo” is a city. First, listen to the song and figure out the words. Once that’s done, you are going to do a dance. Chorus: Buffalo Gals, won’t you come out tonight, Come out … Read More »

Kevin’s Favorite Food Waltz

1 Dec

Here is another list song. That means you can just play it, and students will write as fast as they can, trying to list all the favorite foods that are sung. You’ll also learn a bit about cuisine in America … Read More »