What Does Pektopah Mean?

14 Nov

This song is based on a true story. It’s probably not very funny unless you’ve been to Russia, or Ukraine, or other former Soviet countries. If you want to do a quick language activity, listen to the “Brief -LY Clip” … Read More »

Teenage Years

9 Nov

This poem was written by Zhenya Dudina, 20, of Samara, Russia. Step 1 Try to fill in the missing words. They will rhyme with the final word of the preceding line, so that and the context are your clues. Teenage … Read More »


8 Nov

This song is said to have been written by Henry VIII, King of England, in the 16th century. It’s a beautiful melody, although, it’s a questionable listening activity for non-English speakers because the language is so old. Still, that’s the … Read More »

A Wall Like You

4 Nov

My friend Bilby Lighthouse wrote this song. He played the piano and sang, and then I added a lot of wet backing vocals to irritate him. Although the song wasn’t written as an ESL activity, I’ve made it into one, … Read More »

The Number Waltz

4 Nov

Step 1 Play the songs “The Number Waltz” and “Penny’s Number Waltz.” The music is the same, but the words – or in this case, numbers – are different. Students write down the numbers that they hear. Step 2 Ask … Read More »

Halloween: Dancing With The Skeletons

28 Oct

This is a choreography song… A Halloween dance number. There are almost no words to to this song. When you listen to the mp3 file, you’ll notice sections of the song are numbered: a voice will say 1, 2, 3, … Read More »

Halloween: Mr Candlelight

28 Oct

In this creepy song the singer actually sings to a candle. What does he say? Some key words have been gapped out of the lyrics, but they are listed below. You might try filling in the blanks before listening. Nouns: … Read More »

Ghost at the Door

28 Oct

Here is a short Halloween song of four lines. However, it has been mixed into language chunks. The task is to rearrange the eleven chunks below into the four-line poem. Afterwards students can listen to the song to check their … Read More »

Oh, Susannah

8 Sep

Listen to this horrible old song. Sorry, Stephen Foster. I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee I’m going to Louisiana, my true love for to see It rained all night the day I left, the weather it … Read More »

The Slug

8 Sep

Step 1 Here we’ve got a short story song about a slug. Do a listening activity before revealing the words. Play it and have students write down the words. There are only 4 lines. Option You can do a sorting … Read More »