People Sounds

5 Dec

Even advanced learners of English might not know the 10 verbs in People Sounds that describe sounds human beings make. But listening to this is a great way to learn them. Tell students that they can write the word down in their native tongue if they don’t know the English. Bring back the exercise a few days later for more practice. In fact, the audio is only 1:42 long so you can do this many times.

Once students know all these words, do a sound chorale repetition. This time you say the WORDS, and students will make the correct sound. For example, you say, “Mumble”, and the whole group mumbles. Change the order of the words. Try doing it faster and faster; students will laugh.

Here are some answers. Remember be open to student responses. Since in giving “wrong” answers they are still using and experimenting with English they should be encouraged.

Key: (1) sneeze, (2) hum, (3) clear your (one’s) throat, (4) slurp/suck/suck through a straw, (5) cough, (6) whistle, (7) yawn, (8) snore, (9) kiss, (10) mumble