Kevin’s Favorite Food Waltz

1 Dec

Mango Avocado and Banana Smile

Here is another list song. That means you can just play it, and students will write as fast as they can, trying to list all the favorite foods that are sung. You’ll also learn a bit about cuisine in America and its various influences.

But the best thing is to give students time, after they have a feel for the song, to write their own list of favorite foods. This they can sing to the karaoke version, while the other class writes down as many of these foods/drinks as possible. Thus, you have a writing, listening, and pronunciation activity rolled into one. Key: Coffee, dark chocolate, watermelon, spinach, enchiladas, avocados, peppermint ice cream, hot peppers, mangos, blueberries, veggie pizza with lots of olives, garbanzo beans, fried potatoes, tacos, curries, salsa, more coffee, beer from a glass, chili with cheese and onions. These are some of the foods I enjoy.

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  1. Love it – and especially giving the students a chance to create their own Karaoke version. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy all your songs and am so happy to have found your site.

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