The Grasshopper Story

4 Aug

A new little story, from July 1st, 2007, in Kyrgyzstan. Step 1 Read the sentences and try to reconstruct the text by putting its parts in order. (A) And I said, “Oh? Is he alive?” And she said, “Yes, alive.” … Read More »

The Raccoon Story

25 May

My friend Steve tells about a strange incident. But before trying the gap-fill listening activity, make sure you know these 6 vocab items: honk, horn, paws, pesky, run across, steering wheel. When we go (1) __________ every year, we (2) … Read More »

The Kitten Story

26 Nov

My father, Mac McCaughey, will tell a tale from when he was very small – far younger than he is in this photo to the right, which was probably snapped around 1953. Step 1 Key words to learn before listening: … Read More »

The Blind Date Story

20 Nov

Here I tell a story about a couple meeting on a blind date – meaning they had arranged a date without ever having actually seen each other before. Not too long ago I was working at the coffee shop where … Read More »