It’s Ukulele Time

2 Feb

February 2nd! What a day! It’s Groundhog Day, and World Wetlands Day, and World Ukulele Day! A song is a nice way to celebrate ukin‘ — playing the uke or ukulele, isn’t it? See the audio below. Give your students … Read More »

International Anti-Corruption Day, 2016

3 Dec

December 9th is International Anti-Corruption Day, a great excuse to get our students thinking about corruption.  After all corruption can be the difference between safe, happy, prosperous lives (think New Zealand) and massive unfairness and disaster (think of country of … Read More »

Poems into Songs, Songs 6-10

23 Nov

Here are the rest of the songs from the project “Poems into Songs”. The other five songs are here. To use the songs as listening tasks and activities, see the PDF – poems-into-songs-ukraine. Everything is free to download. Feel free to … Read More »

Poems into Songs, Songs 1-5

23 Nov

Here are the first five songs out of ten, originally poems, written by Ukrainian teenagers. Most songs are less than one minute long. You can find the other five songs here. body { line-height:1.5; } The Poems into Songs Teachers’ Guide … Read More »