The Stand Up / Sit Down Song

23 Aug

Here’s a fun little tune to use as a break in the middle of class.  Students just listen to the words and follow the instructions.  Make sure their chairs are a little bit away from their desks; otherwise it will … Read More »

The Neighbor’s Dog

29 Feb

Step1 Read the text. Can you guess what the missing words might be? Some of the missing verbs are particle verbs (many people call them phrasal verbs), so there may be more than one word missing per blank. Also try … Read More »

Phrasal Verbs In The Beatles, An Audio Crossword

28 Jun

Click to enlarge. That’s right. This crossword has audio clues. There is one mp3 file for “Across” clues, and one for “Down” clues. Your task, when listening to the very short clips from Beatles tunes, is to isolate and identify … Read More »