Loop Listening

12 Nov

I like to use audio loops for listening activities. Students in small groups hear the words a lot of times until they recreate the text.

I’m a Dog

20 Jan

Below you’ll find two short and simple songs about dogs (41 seconds long). The first version is “I’m a Dog.” I’m a dog And I eat bones. I live in people’s homes. I like to chase the neighborhood cats. I … Read More »

The Spider

22 Feb

In a cave there lived a spider He liked to drink warm apple cider He liked to think about his life He wondered if he’d ever have a wife Lonely spider.

The Croc

22 Feb

This song is just 20 seconds long. Step 1 Play the song once and ask students to write down anything at all they hear. Step 2 Give students time to consult each other. Step 3 Provide a model on the … Read More »

Two Crickets Kissing, Writing A Haiku

31 Jul

At the 2007 CATEC Conference (Central Asian Teachers of English Conference) I attended a workshop in haiku writing by Ludmila Shirmina from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. First Ludmila had us brainstorm in groups. We wrote down anything we wanted on the topic … Read More »

A Wall Like You

4 Nov

My friend Bilby Lighthouse wrote this song. He played the piano and sang, and then I added a lot of wet backing vocals to irritate him. Although the song wasn’t written as an ESL activity, I’ve made it into one, … Read More »