A Wall Like You

4 Nov

wall like you

My friend Bilby Lighthouse wrote this song. He played the piano and sang, and then I added a lot of wet backing vocals to irritate him. Although the song wasn’t written as an ESL activity, I’ve made it into one, because (a) it’s short, (b) it uses some interesting words, and (c) I like it.

Here are some words/phrases. Fit them into the song lyrics below. Then afterwards you can listen to check the answers.

brand new, cigar, drawer, guy, met, room, runs, single, supposed to, wonder, wrong

I looked in my (1) __________ for a (2) __________ star
I looked in my (3) __________ for my last (4) __________
And I still can’t believe I dreamt this in a (5) __________ day.
I (6) __________ a girl, we had some fun
Something happened, something (7) __________
And I still can’t believe I dreamt this in a single day
And I (8) __________ about myself
I wonder about you
I wonder what a (9) __________’s (10) __________ do
when he (11) __________ into a wall like you.

Note: supposed to is often pronounced spoze-ta

Key: 1 – room,  2 – brand new, 3 – drawer, 4 – cigar, 5 – single, 6 – met, 7 – wrong, 8 – wonder, 9 – guy, 10 – supposed, 11 – runs