The Stand Up / Sit Down Song

23 Aug

Here’s a fun little tune to use as a break in the middle of class.  Students just listen to the words and follow the instructions.  Make sure their chairs are a little bit away from their desks; otherwise it will … Read More »

The Neighbor’s Dog

29 Feb

Step1 Read the text. Can you guess what the missing words might be? Some of the missing verbs are particle verbs (many people call them phrasal verbs), so there may be more than one word missing per blank. Also try … Read More »

Loop Listening

12 Nov

I like to use audio loops for listening activities. Students in small groups hear the words a lot of times until they recreate the text.

Who’s Got What? Fruits

30 Jul

Hey! You may have seen a demonstration of Who’s Got What? at a conference. I’m putting these audios online for a limited time. I would love any comments, as these are pilots and I’m trying to perfect them before they … Read More »

30 Countries With A Million English Speakers (And Where English Has Some Official Status)

12 Jan

Play this song or video in class to develop your students awareness of how many people speak English, where they speak it, and how deeply rooted English is in the corners of the globe. There are, according the David Crystal’s … Read More »

10 Funky Adjectives Ending In “y”

5 Oct

It’s a very Englishy thing to add a “Y” to a word and turn it into an adjective. Fish smell fishy. Woods smell woodsy. Cows can be beefy, and on and on. These words tend to be a little slangy, or informal. (By the way, funky means unusual).

Here are 10 fun “Y” adjectives .

St. Patrick’s Day: If I Were A Leprechaun Song

12 Mar

Looking for a St. Patricks song with an EFL/ESL twist?   Listen to the song “If I Were a Leprechaun.”  The lyrics comes from Mary O’Flynn at  I recorded some music to them.

I’m a Dog

20 Jan

Below you’ll find two short and simple songs about dogs (41 seconds long). The first version is “I’m a Dog.” I’m a dog And I eat bones. I live in people’s homes. I like to chase the neighborhood cats. I … Read More »