It’s Ukulele Time

2 Feb

February 2nd! What a day! It’s Groundhog Day, and World Wetlands Day, and World Ukulele Day! A song is a nice way to celebrate ukin‘ — playing the uke or ukulele, isn’t it? See the audio below. Give your students … Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day: If I Were A Leprechaun Song

12 Mar

Looking for a St. Patricks song with an EFL/ESL twist?   Listen to the song “If I Were a Leprechaun.”  The lyrics comes from Mary O’Flynn at  I recorded some music to them.

Chinese New Year: Animals of the Chinese Zodiac

20 Jan

Celebrate the Chinese New Year! 2009 is the year of the Ox. This activity is for beginners or lower-level learners. Print the pictures for the song  – chinese-zodiac-animals Cut.  Allow students in groups to match the word with the picture. Next play … Read More »

Halloween: Paul the Monster Crashes a Party

25 Oct

Here’s a Halloweenish story/poem with accompanying audio. crash a party = to attend a party without invitation, or sneak into a party Poor Paul the Monster! Depression at last had set in From living alone the woods with not a … Read More »

How Long Is International Women’s Day In Russia?

8 Mar

Listen for the 15 missing vocabulary items in this text. They are all short, but even so, you may need to listen several times to be able to write them all. Yeah, (1) ________ a little story about my first … Read More »

St. Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day Pie

6 Feb

Here’s a mini C-test you can write on the board. It’s the words to a song called “Valentine’s Day Pie.” In a C-test the second half of every other word is missing. If the word has an odd number of … Read More »

St. Valentine’s Day: The History / Mystery of Valentine’s Day

23 Jan

There’s a lot of mystery around the history of Valentine’s Day.  In this audio, generously read by novelist Kristin Elizabeth Clark (Chunk, Jess, and the Road to Infinity, Freak Boy, Leaving The Bellweathers), we learn some strange, funny Valentine stuff.  … Read More »

Halloween: Dancing With The Skeletons

28 Oct

This is a choreography song… A Halloween dance number. There are almost no words to to this song. When you listen to the mp3 file, you’ll notice sections of the song are numbered: a voice will say 1, 2, 3, … Read More »

Halloween: Mr Candlelight

28 Oct

In this creepy song the singer actually sings to a candle. What does he say? Some key words have been gapped out of the lyrics, but they are listed below. You might try filling in the blanks before listening. Nouns: … Read More »

Ghost at the Door

28 Oct

Here is a short Halloween song of four lines. However, it has been mixed into language chunks. The task is to rearrange the eleven chunks below into the four-line poem. Afterwards students can listen to the song to check their … Read More »