Venera, An English Teacher From Tajikistan

1 Aug

Meet Venera. She’s from Tajikistan. In fact, this is a great way to meet Tajikistan itself, a country that few people know about. You can learn some of Tajikistan’s recent history from Venera’s talk. Step 1 Some words you should … Read More »

Venera Rotation Dictation

31 Jul

Here’s how to do a rotation dictation. It’s a lot of fun. Step 1 Put students in teams of three or four. One person will be a Writer. The others will be Runners. Introduce students to the words/phrases they might … Read More »

Esmerelda, A Mexican Girl In The USA

5 Feb

Meet Esmerelda. This interview took place in the Blue Rock Shoot cafe. It’s real English in a real location, so there’s background noise. But it’s important to practice listening in just such environments. Listen to the short interview with Esmerelda … Read More »

Airport Evacuation Announcement

12 Jan

In an airport in Cambodia, I heard an alarm come on and the following emergency announcement. Normally, you should listen to the announcement and follow instructions – not record it for future use as an English language learning activity. But … Read More »

Benny, An Athabascan Native-Speaker

1 Dec

Benny is a Navajo and works as a guide, taking visitors into Canyon de Chelly (pronounced Canyon de Shay) in eastern Arizona. Benny grew up in the canyon, and didn’t begin to learn English until he was twelve. Benny’s native language … Read More »

Albina’s Anchovy Story

30 Oct

Here is a Little Story written and recorded by Albina Krasnova of Samara, Russia. Step 1 Before engaging students in the listening task below, you might want to involve them in some pair discussions on the subject of pizza. 1. … Read More »