Esmerelda, A Mexican Girl In The USA

5 Feb

Esmerelda at work

Meet Esmerelda. This interview took place in the Blue Rock Shoot cafe. It’s real English in a real location, so there’s background noise. But it’s important to practice listening in just such environments.

Listen to the short interview with Esmerelda and answer the following questions.

1. How old is Esmerelda?

2. When did she come to America?

3. Where does she work?

4. How long has she been in the United States?

5. What do people do at the Blue Rock Shoot, according to Esmerelda?

6. What does she like about the USA?

7. What does she miss about Mexico?

Key (the text): Hi, My name is Esmerelda. I’m … I’m 21 years old, and I’m from Mexico. I’ve been working at the Blue Rock Shoot. Blue Rock Shoot is a place… It’s a coffee shop. It’s a place where you can eat your breakfast, use your computer, and relax for a while. I came to USA four years ago. And I didn’t know how to speak English when I came to this place, and I went to school for eight months, and now I’m still working on it. I really like USA because you can get a lot of stuff. Like, you work for a week, and you get money for… get something good… Oh, just for myself. All the money that I make it’s just for myself. But it’s something that I, that I really miss from my country: my friends, sisters, my Mom that I didn’t see for seven years ago. And I was fourteen… I was fourteen years old the last time when I saw her. And right now I miss her.