I’m a Dog

20 Jan

Below you’ll find two short and simple songs about dogs (41 seconds long). The first version is “I’m a Dog.” I’m a dog And I eat bones. I live in people’s homes. I like to chase the neighborhood cats. I … Read More »

It’s Raining

26 Jun

This is an old nursery rhyme. It’s got great verbs. Write the infinitives and a gap-fill on the board, like this: bump, couldn’t, jump, pour, rain, snore, wake up. It’s ________ It’s ________ The old man is ________. He ________ … Read More »

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

10 Dec

Here’s an old song from a hundred years ago. It’s really short, so you can just play it a couple of times and ask students to listen close and write down the words. Oh where, oh where has my little … Read More »

Three Blind Mice

8 Dec

This is an old old song, based apparently on Mary Queen of Scots, or Bloody Mary (in the picture above, she has the carving knife). I recorded a sweeter version – no carving knife. In the photo to the right … Read More »

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

5 Dec

This is a Christmas song from the early 19th century. Thus, its English is not particularly useful to today’s students. You can see the old form for plural “you” (ye) which isn’t too handy nowadays, for instance. God Rest Ye, … Read More »

Teenage Years

9 Nov

This poem was written by Zhenya Dudina, 20, of Samara, Russia. Step 1 Try to fill in the missing words. They will rhyme with the final word of the preceding line, so that and the context are your clues. Teenage … Read More »


8 Nov

This song is said to have been written by Henry VIII, King of England, in the 16th century. It’s a beautiful melody, although, it’s a questionable listening activity for non-English speakers because the language is so old. Still, that’s the … Read More »

The Number Waltz

4 Nov

Step 1 Play the songs “The Number Waltz” and “Penny’s Number Waltz.” The music is the same, but the words – or in this case, numbers – are different. Students write down the numbers that they hear. Step 2 Ask … Read More »

Halloween: Mr Candlelight

28 Oct

In this creepy song the singer actually sings to a candle. What does he say? Some key words have been gapped out of the lyrics, but they are listed below. You might try filling in the blanks before listening. Nouns: … Read More »

Oh, Susannah

8 Sep

Listen to this horrible old song. Sorry, Stephen Foster. I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee I’m going to Louisiana, my true love for to see It rained all night the day I left, the weather it … Read More »