Sound Pile

20 Jun

It’s a simple activity – so small and easy and quick that it’s practically a crime not to do it. Play the audio file. Students will hear 10 sounds, more or less piled on top of each other, within the … Read More »

Sound Effect Bingo

19 Jun

This is how you do this fun activity: Step 1. Understand the Language of Sound Hand out the list of sounds (see below). Give students a few minutes to look it over. One easy way to proceed is to ask … Read More »

The Sound Of Blank Blanking

5 Dec

Here’s another sort of sound dictation, but this one promotes understanding of word partners (or collocations). Tell students to number from 1-10 on a piece of paper. Play the audio. It’s the students’ job to identify the source of the … Read More »

Sound Effect Dictation, Mellotron Style

5 Dec

You’ll hear ten different sounds in the audio, all from my favorite instrument, the Mellotron. Tell students to write numbers from one to ten. They will describe as much as they can about each sound. Naturally, lower level groups will … Read More »

People Sounds

5 Dec

Even advanced learners of English might not know the 10 verbs in People Sounds that describe sounds human beings make. But listening to this is a great way to learn them. Tell students that they can write the word down … Read More »