It’s Ukulele Time

2 Feb

February 2nd! What a day! It’s Groundhog Day, and World Wetlands Day, and World Ukulele Day! A song is a nice way to celebrate ukin‘ — playing the uke or ukulele, isn’t it? See the audio below. Give your students … Read More »

American Views Of Chinese Immigrants

5 Dec

Here is a text about Chinese in America. I think my father Mac McCaughey does a fine job as the voice of Mark Twain. The Chinese have been in America a long time. They came in the 1850s during the … Read More »

All About Nerds

5 Dec

Step 1 First take this true/false test to see if you have an understanding of nerds. Guess if you are not sure.  Discuss. ______ 1.  Nerds like books or computers, possibly both. ______ 2.  Nerds bump into things and are … Read More »

Benny, An Athabascan Native-Speaker

1 Dec

Benny is a Navajo and works as a guide, taking visitors into Canyon de Chelly (pronounced Canyon de Shay) in eastern Arizona. Benny grew up in the canyon, and didn’t begin to learn English until he was twelve. Benny’s native language … Read More »

Kevin’s Favorite Food Waltz

1 Dec

Here is another list song. That means you can just play it, and students will write as fast as they can, trying to list all the favorite foods that are sung. You’ll also learn a bit about cuisine in America … Read More »

The Slavic Influence On American Music

14 Nov

There are American songs that nearly everyone in Russia (and in countries of the former USSR) seems to know, songs like “Summertime”, and “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” But not everybody knows that the composers of these very American-sounding songs had … Read More »