World Elephant Day – 12 August, 2015

9 Aug

August 12 is World Elephant Day, so here are some activities about elephants. Speaking Activity Put students in small groups. Assign one of them the role of a note-taker. Then give students a few minutes to answer the question, “What’s … Read More »

The Would Rather Song

1 Nov

What we’ve got here is a lesson on using the would rather construction.  The emphasis is on allowing students to learn the form through structured exploration. Well, you’ll see. Read or print the lesson plan if you like, available here … Read More »

If I Can Stop…

25 Feb

Here’s a short poem by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) which I’ve rendered into song: a ready-to-use listening, vocabulary, and literature lesson. No materials necessary except for the audio. Step 1. Talk and write (before you listen) Look at the following 9 … Read More »

Personality Adjective List Song

18 Feb

Here’s what you do with this song. You’ll hear a list of 16 adjectives that describe a person’s personality or behavior. The activity is a kind of race. Play the whole song all the way through (1:14), and let students, … Read More »

All About Nerds

5 Dec

Step 1 First take this true/false test to see if you have an understanding of nerds. Guess if you are not sure.  Discuss. ______ 1.  Nerds like books or computers, possibly both. ______ 2.  Nerds bump into things and are … Read More »