The Pangolin Song: He’s so Funky

2 Mar

March 3 is World Wildlife Day, and we just had World Pangolin Day. So we have created a tribute to this fascinating and funky animal – the pangolin. 1. THE PANGOLIN SONG Download the song “The Pangolin.” We also call this song … Read More »

Who’s Got What? Fruits

30 Jul

Hey! You may have seen a demonstration of Who’s Got What? at a conference. I’m putting these audios online for a limited time. I would love any comments, as these are pilots and I’m trying to perfect them before they … Read More »

The Would Rather Song

1 Nov

What we’ve got here is a lesson on using the would rather construction.  The emphasis is on allowing students to learn the form through structured exploration. Well, you’ll see. Read or print the lesson plan if you like, available here … Read More »