Phrasal Verb Polls

29 Feb

A poll is a survey in which you ask someone’s opinion about something. Polls are natural teaching tools, and they work great with particle verbs (the same as phrasal verbs) because

– polls are fun and easy,

– you can write the polls on the board: thus, no materials are needed,

– all students get a chance to offer their opinions,

– polls can isolate and emphasize the phrasal verb.


So, get your students in small groups and give everyone a chance to speak.


1. What thing is the worst to run out of at home?

a) tea / coffee

b) toilet paper

c) bread

d) toothpaste

e) milk

f) sugar


2. Let’s imagine you were to grow up again, to spend your childhood in a different place. In which of the following places would you rather grow up? Try ranking them in order of preference

a) Iceland

b) Japan

c) South Africa

d) Nigeria

e) Egypt

f) Mexico


3. What’s the best age for a man to settle down and have a family?

a) 18-25

b) 26-35

c) 36-45

d) 46-56

e) later

f) never


4. At what age should a woman settle down and have a family?

a) 18-25

b) 26-35

c) 36-45

d) 46-56

e) later

f) never


5. When you’re sad, what’s the best way for someone else to cheer you up?

a) take you out to dinner

b) bring you chocolate, ice cream, or cake

c) tell you jokes and act funny

d) take you to a movie

e) just listen to you

f) leave you alone


6. If you want to lose weight what foods should you cut back on? Choose your top three.

a) butter

b) candy and cakes

c) whole fat milk

d) bananas

e) bread and rice

f) red meat


7. Let’s say you are cleaning your home, trying to downsize by getting rid of stuff.  What things are most difficult to get rid of?

a) old pairs of shoes

b) old love letters

c) books you read

d) books you haven’t read

e) clothes you don’t wear anymore

f) empty jars and boxes


8.  Where would you want to go in order to get away?

a) a tropical island

b) an adventure tour in the jungle

c) an animal safari

d) snowy mountains

e) some big city far away

f) an isolated village


9. Which of these is the hardest for you to get around to doing?

a) writing a thank you letter

b) cleaning your room

c) homework

d) visiting a relative

e) going for a dentist check up

f) making an appointment with the doctor

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  1. Kevin! This is just amazing! I am definitely going to use it in class. My kids will love it! Thank you so much!

  2. I loved the variety of ideas you presented in the webinar, so, I decided to check on your website and I really like all the cool ideas I´ve seen, you are a genius!! Thanks, from El Salvador.

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