I’m a Dog

20 Jan

Below you’ll find two short and simple songs about dogs (41 seconds long).

The first version is “I’m a Dog.”

I’m a dog

And I eat bones.

I live in people’s homes.

I like to chase the neighborhood cats.

I don’t like to take baths.

I’m a dog. Woof! Woof!


The second version is “He’s a dog.” Since I now live in a Muslim country where dogs don’t live in houses, I changed it a bit.

He’s a dog

And he eats meat.

He lives out on the street.

He likes to chase the neighborhood cats.

He doesn’t like to take baths.

He’s a dog. Woof! Woof!


These songs were created as simple, model-based writing activities. To do a follow-up writing activity, provide your students with this model:

I’m a ___________

And I eat ___________

I live ___________

I like to___________

I don’t like to __________

I’m a ___________ . [Sound that the animal makes]!