The Stand Up / Sit Down Song

23 Aug

Here’s a fun little tune to use as a break in the middle of class.  Students just listen to the words and follow the instructions.  Make sure their chairs are a little bit away from their desks; otherwise it will … Read More »

Venera Rotation Dictation

31 Jul

Here’s how to do a rotation dictation. It’s a lot of fun. Step 1 Put students in teams of three or four. One person will be a Writer. The others will be Runners. Introduce students to the words/phrases they might … Read More »

The Facial Movement Song

8 Dec

This is a good introduction to Movement Songs – before, for instance, taking on the dancing of “Buffalo Gals.” Sometimes students are reluctant to stand up away from their desks, and sometimes there’s simply no room. But this 42-second song has actions … Read More »

The Buffalo Gals Song

4 Dec

“Gal” is another word for “girl”. “Buffalo” is a city. First, listen to the song and figure out the words. Once that’s done, you are going to do a dance. Chorus: Buffalo Gals, won’t you come out tonight, Come out … Read More »

Halloween: Dancing With The Skeletons

28 Oct

This is a choreography song… A Halloween dance number. There are almost no words to to this song. When you listen to the mp3 file, you’ll notice sections of the song are numbered: a voice will say 1, 2, 3, … Read More »

The Movement Song (Ufa)

8 Sep

This song contains instructions for making 12 movements. The first step is to listen and understand what the movements are. Play the song and ask students to write down as many of the instructions as they can. Once students know … Read More »