The Facial Movement Song

8 Dec

This is a good introduction to Movement Songs – before, for instance, taking on the dancing of “Buffalo Gals.” Sometimes students are reluctant to stand up away from their desks, and sometimes there’s simply no room.

But this 42-second song has actions that are primarily done with the face. That means it can be done right at students’ desks. And the language is useful and common. So even if students never move themselves, they will benefit from listening and writing down the verbs.

First, do a listening activity and see if students can write down the words. Play it several times. You might do some pre-listening, like writing on the board words that students probably don’t know: blink, wink, frown, etc.

After the students are well familiar with the tune, they should write their own words. They don’t have to limit themselves to actions of the face or head. Anything goes. Each group of students can sing their version to the karaoke (Recycle Song!) while other groups listen and write down those instructions.

Close your eyes.

Open your eyes.

Give a nod.

Give a wink.

Make a frown.

And then blink.

Put your hand on your chin and really think.

Open your mouth.

Close your mouth.

Show your teeth.

Wrinkle your nose.

Brush your hair back.

Stick out your tongue.

Blow a kiss to someone.

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