The Movement Song (Ufa)

8 Sep

Composers of the Movement Song, Ufa, Russia

This song contains instructions for making 12 movements.

The first step is to listen and understand what the movements are. Play the song and ask students to write down as many of the instructions as they can.

Once students know the instructions, students will do the movements along with the song (the music, the words, and doing the action, all help to reinforce the language).

As a follow up, students can write their own instructions to the music.  Then they will lead the class in doi
ng the actions.

I recorded this song in June, 2006 in a hotel room in Ufa, Russia. The next day, students (pictured above) at the Ufa summer camp composed their own instructions to the music. This version is available below too. There is also the usual karaoke version so that students can write their own instructions.