The Slug

8 Sep

Step 1

Here we’ve got a short story song about a slug. Do a listening activity before revealing the words. Play it and have students write down the words. There are only 4 lines.


You can do a sorting dictation. Tell students to draw 3 columns on a piece of paper: NOUNS, VERBS, and ARTICLES. Dictate twelve words and have students to write them down: four words in each column (some English verbs actually consist of two words).

Here they are in alphabetical order: a, a, fell down, flashed, got smashed, lightning, roared, slug, the, the, thunder, tree.

Ask students to sort the words into a 4-line poem.

Step 2

Set students into pairs or groups. Give them time to create their own songs and sing them to the karaoke version of the song.


Key (the text):

A thunder roared,

A lightning flashed,

A tree fell down,

A slug got smashed.