Halloween: Paul the Monster Crashes a Party

25 Oct

Here’s a Halloweenish story/poem with accompanying audio.

crash a party = to attend a party without invitation, or sneak into a party

Poor Paul the Monster!
Depression at last had set in
From living alone the woods
with not a soul there to threaten.

What good is a monster
If there’s no one to see
What a hard, cold-hearted
Hideous ol’ brute he can be?

So Paul the Monster crashed a party
It wasn’t easy to get in
But, my what a shock he go
From all those there that met him.

They reached out their claws
Or paws or tentacles in slime
And our poor Paul yelled
“You’re monsters too – just like I’m.”

Next to them, he wasn’t so bad
So there was no one to threaten
Then some creature cried out, “Let’s party!”
And popped a cassette in.

Repulsively pulsing
Monster music!
But they all rather liked it
And it was their right to choose it.

Each creature had its own unsightly
Unseemly, yucky dancing style
Which, to his amazement,
Paul got used to after a while.

So in the end
What kind of monster was Paul?
He looked at the strangeness around him
And saw friends
They were no longer monsters at all.