The Neighbor’s Dog

29 Feb


Read the text. Can you guess what the missing words might be?

Some of the missing verbs are particle verbs (many people call them phrasal verbs), so there may be more than one word missing per blank.

Also try to answer these questions: How many dogs are there? What happened to them?


My next-door neighbor is a really sweet lady, but whenever we (1) __________ people, she (2) ___________ me as the woman who (3) __________ her dog.  And it’s true.  I did (4) ____________ her dog; and I (5) _________ bad about it.  But what she never says is that she (6) ____________ a replacement dog, and she herself (7) _____________ that other dog.  She never (8) ___________that ___ when she introduces me to people.

Step 2

Listen to the audio and see if you were right.


Key: 1 – meet, 2 – introduces, 3 – ran over, 4 – ran over, 5 – felt, 6 – bought, 7 – ran over, 8 – brings up