Loop Listening

12 Nov

I like to use audio loops for listening activities. Students in small groups hear the words a lot of times until they recreate the text. The easiest task for them is to write the words. But I prefer to have small pictures and words on little pieces of paper. Give one set to each group and they can move the pictures and words to re-construct the text. It’s more fun than writing, and it involves teamwork.

The usual listening set up in the classroom is to put the CD player at the front and play it loud enough for students to hear. With a loop audio like this one, I like to put the player in the corner of the room, or even outside, and play the audio quietly. Then groups need to send one member to listen, and that member tries to snap a piece of the language and carry it in her head back to the group.

Here’s the environmentally-friendly text:

When you go to the store
Refuse the bag.
Bring your own.
Recycle. Re-use.

It may take your students longer than you might expect to put the whole text together, even if this is just 14 words.

4 Replies to “Loop Listening

  1. This activity is amazing.
    My students enjoyed it and learnt this text.
    I have to say that using such activities help my sts to improve their listening skills.

    Thank you!

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