World Rhino Day: I Know a Rhino Game

21 Sep


September 22nd is World Rhino Day!

There are many ways to celebrate this awesome animal. Why not play with your kids (or older students) a matching game “I Know a Rhino!” and teach them a bit about rhinos?

Here are the complete instructions.


  1. Print the .pdf below (two pages), if possible on card stock. Make sure students can’t see through the back of them. Laminate if possible.
  2. Two squares in the handouts combine to form a complete sentence about rhinos. You have 18 squares that make 9 sentences. And you have two rhino head pictures.
  3. Make one bundle of cards for each group of students (4-6).


  1. Spread out the cards face down.
  2. Each player turns over two cards. The goal is to match cards to make a correct sentence about rhinos. Sometimes the cards don’t match.
  3. Turn them over again. It’s important to remember where each card is and what it says. It’s the next player’s turn.
  4. If it’s a match, the player gets to remove those cards to his/her pile.
  5. Continue to take turns, trying for matches.
  6. When someone turns over the Rhino Head, the game is over!
  7. Count who has the most cards. That’s the winner.

Why end the game so suddenly? It will make students want to play more than once.


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