Halloween: Mr Candlelight

28 Oct

Mr Candlelight photo

In this creepy song the singer actually sings to a candle. What does he say?

Some key words have been gapped out of the lyrics, but they are listed below. You might try filling in the blanks before listening.

Nouns: bed, man, nothing, shadows, spider, stair, wall

Verbs: lead, look, make, show, throw

Hey, there, Mr. Candlelight
You __________ the __________ on the __________.
You __________ a __________ look nine feet tall,
And a __________ look small

Hey, there, Mr. Candlelight
Please __________ the way up the __________.
And when I __________ underneath my __________,
Please __________ me __________’s there.

As a Recycle Song follow up, students in groups can write their own words to the karaoke version of the song. They will address some inanimate object and talk to it, using the above lyrics as a pattern. For example, “Hello, Mrs. Tennis Shoe,” or “Good Evening, My Dear Chocolate Bar.”