World Ocean Day – June 8, 2015

6 Jun

World Ocean Day - poster

Take 5 minutes of class time for World Ocean Day.

You can print the poster (above), or play the one-minute audio (below), and get your students more active with this gap-fill:

Look around and (1) ___________.  Think.  2) ___________while it’s not too late.  In our world everything is 3) ___________ to seas and rivers, lakes and 4) ___________, lagoons and wetlands, to all 5) ___________ of water from the ocean to the smallest puddle in your yard. They are the blood vessels of our planet.  We can only 6) ___________ if the ocean is healthy.

Key: See the poster above.

Text by Alla McCaughey
Music by Kevin McCaughey
Photos by Kevin & Alla

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  1. the music is very touching,the passage is simple but very profound. thx. to be a teacher is always a dream yet to come true. so i will save every useful materials for future reference.

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