The Chores Song

23 Jan

In this 40-second song you’ll hear a list of chores. Most of these are fairly strong collocations (words that go together). For example, what word is likely to go with “sweep”? Right, “the floor.” That’s not the only possible combination, but it is a probable one. And it is useful in learning a language to hear and repeat these high frequency combinations.

You will hear 11 commands to do certain chores. They will repeat two times. That makes this a great dictation activity. Simply tell students to number from 1 to 11 and to try to write down all the chores by the time the song ends. You can play it a couple of times if needed.

This song could also be called The Nagging Song because when someone is always telling you what to do. Well, that’s nagging.

Key: Take out the trash, feed the cats, mow the lawn, clean up that mess, make your bed, wash your hands, pick up your toys, iron your shirt, sweep the floor, brush your teeth, walk the dog.