Eavesdropping at a Party

1 Dec

Let’s eavesdrop on a party. You’ll have to dig out phrases from the background noise. Write them down as you listen (best done in pairs so that learners can help each other). Some phrases are loud and clear and some less so, just like in real life.

What’s the point? Well, in reality, we very often have to pick up snippets (little pieces) of conversation when it’s noisy or when several people are speaking at once. This is good practice. And fun, I think.

Furthermore, the eleven (11) phrases that you will hear are fixed, or semi-fixed. They are complete utterances and fairly common. That means you can say them just as you hear them, for the most part, and that’s practical!

As a follow up, discuss what the speaker is probably or perhaps referring to with each one of these phrases. For example, the woman says, “Don’t tempt me…” What do you think she’s talking about? In what context? There are many possible answers.

Key: (1) Can I get you a drink? (2) I like what you’ve done with the place. (3) Don’t tempt me (4) You look great! (5) Mmmm. These are really good. (6) Have you lost weight? (7) It’s been ages. (8) Where’s the bathroom? (9) Yeah. Okay. Okay. Sounds good. [“Sounds good” is usually said when two people agree on something – like a time to meet in the future.} (10) How was your vacation? (11) Well, it’s getting late.