The Animal List Song

14 Nov

This is a recycled version of the Counting Songs. Same music. But this time the singer sings a list of 21 creatures.

The song is only 15 seconds long, but from it you get THREE great activities for students. The teacher spends no time preparing too!

Activity 1

Tell students to get out their pencils. Ask them to write down as many of the 21 animals as possible. Play the song several times.

Key (the text): 

Bird, mouse, penguin, lion, fish, rat,

Snake, tuna, zebra, octopus, bat,

Skate, crab, woodpecker, tiger, fox, goose,

Cheetah, pigeon, jellyfish, moose.

Activity 2

Have students sing along. It’s not so easy. This is enjoyable for students as they try to get their tongues around these English sounds at high speed.

Activity 3

Ask students to make their own list of animals and to sing them to the melody. Now the remainder of the class will try to write down what they hear.

Note: There is such a thing as a lionfish, so it’s possible there are only 20 creatures in all.