Who’s Got What? Fruits

30 Jul

Hey! You may have seen a demonstration of Who’s Got What? at a conference. I’m putting these audios online for a limited time. I would love any comments, as these are pilots and I’m trying to perfect them before they go to CD.

This is the Fruits Game. Works best with real fruit (apple, banana, kiwi, orange). It’s for four players.

Here’s the user manual for “Who’s Got What? Fruits” – whos-got-what-fruits-manual

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  1. I love the fruit who’s got what.. levels 1 and 2 are very suitable for Kindergarten where I teach, and maybe level 3 too with some practice and lots of optimism.. but level 5 is a real torture! real fun for older players! one little comment.. kiwi isn’t a common fruit where I am so I think I will have to use pictures.

  2. I attended your lecture (workshop?) at Etai international conference in Jerusalem and was fascinated by this game! it’s amazing.
    First, it works. It’s challenging and motivating. The students hear and cooperate in your English lesson without noticing.
    Secondly, they learn much more then a limited vocabulary. It’s pronunciation and prepositions and verbs- that are usually neglected.
    I tried it with my brother- and it was great. I’m waiting to the coming school year to apply it in class.

  3. Thanks a lot, Kevin! I used it with my students (rather as a refreshening or relaxing activity and as a break from vocabulary exersises)- a lot of fun and very motivating. When I asked them to bring fruit to class, they responded that it’s the best home task they’ve ever had 🙂

  4. It took me a lot of work to find the blessed kiwi fruit (I rather wanted to use the plastic version of the fruits) BUT it’s worth it because students just love to play the game. It’s wonderful. Thank you!

  5. Hey, thanks for your comments. I am re-doing “Who’s Got What – Fruits?” more professionally. There will be new scripts and 6 levels. Really appreciate your comments about the kiwi. In the next version it’s going to be changed to Lemon. –K

  6. Hey, Jack. This is Kevin from English Teachers Everywhere, the web site. I have not even logged into my site for some time, and I found several comments by you–very positive. Thanks for inspiring me to get back to work posting new materials for teachers. I’m in the southern hemisphere too. Working now in Cape Town, South Africa. (also kevin@kevinmccaughey.com)

    Best, and thanks again,


  7. I listened to your activity and it´s sound funny I´m teaching young adult students and I´ll apply it!. no matter about the age. Thanks!!

  8. hi I would like to thank you for this amazing game i have used it several times and my students enjoyed it alot and asked me to play again and again. you helped me to make english more interesting than other class. i have attended a workshop in \Jordan . can you send me who’s got what -animals? again thanks

  9. Hi Jack, it was interesting to have this in the class. What is the background music? I’ld like to use it in class.

  10. students are highly motivated by the listening game! but, I am wondering if the answer key to Level 3 is wrong. It should be Kiwi(1), Orange(2), Apple(3), Banana(4).

  11. Hey blueness0501, you’re right. Thank you for pointing that out. And sorry for the mistake.

    I’m glad your students enjoy Who’s got what.

  12. I have middle school students who have learning disabilities and receive language therapy. Your Who’s Got What activities are motivating and keep their attention. We want more!!! Please tell me how I may order a copy of the CD. Thank you.

  13. It´s been such a state of bliss for me to have found you Mr. McCaughey. Your bank of ideas on listening exercises is wonderful, and I’m trying to learn a lot from them to use them in class. Have to admit that I’ve adapted some of them regarding the topic I’m teaching, but it’s the whole point behind them, right?

    Thanks a lot for such a big commitment for teaching and learning!

  14. Really I enjoyed a lot.This board games will help my student to keep their attention..I hope this will be interesting to have this activities with them.thanks a lot

  15. Thanks, Miradji. Level 5 can be pretty hard for advanced people. I have done it with teachers and they usually need two or three times through to get it right. I appreciate your reply,

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