The Neighbor’s Dog

29 Feb

Step1 Read the text. Can you guess what the missing words might be? Some of the missing verbs are particle verbs (many people call them phrasal verbs), so there may be more than one word missing per blank. Also try … Read More »

Halloween: Paul the Monster Crashes a Party

25 Oct

Here’s a Halloweenish story/poem with accompanying audio. crash a party = to attend a party without invitation, or sneak into a party Poor Paul the Monster! Depression at last had set in From living alone the woods with not a … Read More »

Marie, An American Who Fell In Love With Russia

24 Dec

Buryat woman and baby

The Grasshopper Story

4 Aug

A new little story, from July 1st, 2007, in Kyrgyzstan. Step 1 Read the sentences and try to reconstruct the text by putting its parts in order. (A) And I said, “Oh? Is he alive?” And she said, “Yes, alive.” … Read More »

Venera, An English Teacher From Tajikistan

1 Aug

Meet Venera. She’s from Tajikistan. In fact, this is a great way to meet Tajikistan itself, a country that few people know about. You can learn some of Tajikistan’s recent history from Venera’s talk. Step 1 Some words you should … Read More »

Venera Rotation Dictation

31 Jul

Here’s how to do a rotation dictation. It’s a lot of fun. Step 1 Put students in teams of three or four. One person will be a Writer. The others will be Runners. Introduce students to the words/phrases they might … Read More »

The Raccoon Story

25 May

My friend Steve tells about a strange incident. But before trying the gap-fill listening activity, make sure you know these 6 vocab items: honk, horn, paws, pesky, run across, steering wheel. When we go (1) __________ every year, we (2) … Read More »

How Long Is International Women’s Day In Russia?

8 Mar

Listen for the 15 missing vocabulary items in this text. They are all short, but even so, you may need to listen several times to be able to write them all. Yeah, (1) ________ a little story about my first … Read More »

Esmerelda, A Mexican Girl In The USA

5 Feb

Meet Esmerelda. This interview took place in the Blue Rock Shoot cafe. It’s real English in a real location, so there’s background noise. But it’s important to practice listening in just such environments. Listen to the short interview with Esmerelda … Read More »

St. Valentine’s Day: The History / Mystery of Valentine’s Day

23 Jan

There’s a lot of mystery around the history of Valentine’s Day.  In this audio, generously read by novelist Kristin Elizabeth Clark (Chunk, Jess, and the Road to Infinity, Freak Boy, Leaving The Bellweathers), we learn some strange, funny Valentine stuff.  … Read More »